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  1. Please click here to access your membership details. This site gives you access to update your personal details and view your ratings. Some of the site functionality will not work for you because it is restricted for the use of Clubs, State and Federal Registrars.

  2. When you have registered your details on this external account an email will be generated and sent to your email address. Please save this email for future reference - remember the password cannot be retrieved. You can change your password if you prefer, using the password link in the web page header. If you do, don't forget to save that in a safe place as well.
    If you get locked out due to several incorrect password entries in a short period, please click 'Password Reset' and a new password will be automatically sent to your email address.

  3. Once logged in, your personal details will be seen on the left of the page and your ratings on the right side for viewing. If you wish to amend your personal details click the Edit Mode button on the extreme left and you will see your details open in an editing page. Make amendments, remembering you are responsible for the changes being made. Once changes are completed, click on the Update button at the bottom of your details page. This will save the changes and record the person, date and time the action was carried out. Clicking View mode will take you out of the editing mode. Should you wish to return to your details from any other position in the system, simply click on your member details, far right on the Home page under Member.

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