If I am a MAAA member do I have insurance cover down at my local park when flying within CASA requirements?


Yes, provided you also operate within the MAAA MOPs and have permission from the owner of the park to operate model aircraft. See MAAA MOP 057 http://www.maaa.asn.au/images/pdfs/mops/MOP057-Policy-Insurance-Conditions-15-May-2016.pdf

3.6 Flying Venues  The MAAA insurance policy only applies when the land/property owner/lessee has given permission for the area to be used for the purpose of flying model aircraft and any local requirements are complied with. This applies whether the property is privately or publicly owned and indoor or outdoor.  If the area is being used long term, or if it is considered possible that the approval might be challenged, it is advised that the approval be obtained in writing.



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