Flying at Non Affiliated Fields or Activities

Flying at Non Affiliated Fields or Activities

The MAAA has no objection to our members flying with members or clubs affiliated with other organisations nor is any action being taken to prevent this, however the MAAA will not accept any responsibility or accountability in respect to any insurance claim eventuating from this activity. To do so would be neglecting our duty and responsibility to our general membership.

It is MAAA Policy that our Insurance will only cover our members if they are flying at a Club Field affiliated through an MAAA State Association and any site while involved in MAAA sanctioned activities.

This policy has not been adopted in haste and has been taken after due consideration and proper risk assessment. It has been adopted in the interest of protecting membersinsurance claims and from excessive increases in insurance premiums and to comply with our corporate obligations.

The MAAA as an incorporated body has obligations to its Members, CASA, Insurance Providers and the general public at large.   Read more

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