I am an MAAA Member and if I am hit by a model aircraft does the MAAA Insurance Policy cover me?

The MAAA has two Insurance Policies that might apply in this case, Public Liability and Personal Accident Cover. The first point is that the MAAA provides Public Liability Cover to cover affiliated members for claims made against them as a result of the operation of model aircraft. This is unlike Personal Accident Cover where you claim for death and personal injury, against a scale of benefits, and medical expenses for your own injuries. This Cover applies almost whatever the cause is as long as you, as an MAAA Affiliate Member, are taking part in sanctioned activities. Any claim as a result of an incident under Public Liability has to be made against another person or entity claiming them as having caused of the loss on a legally justified basis. The basic premise of Public Liability Insurance is that it is not for claims directly to the Insurance Company. If the person claimed against is insured for that type of accident, whether the MAAA Policy or any other, then the Insurance Policy will respond if requested. If the person does not have insurance, or the claim is not forwarded to the Insurance Company, then he has to personally pay any damages that are assessed, even if that makes him bankrupt. The amount of the settlement should be independent of any insurance cover that he has. The summary of the MAAA Insurance Policy conditions on the MAAA Web Page should be looked at for further information.

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