Model Helicopters

There is always plenty of scope to learn and grow with model helicopters, from the basic hovering of a sport helicopter to advanced high-performance units and everything in between. Whether your passion is basic flying, simple aerobatics, scale models, speed, precision aerobatics or full-on Freestyle 3D. These categories extend all the way to competing at national and world championships.

Upskill in flying model helicopters

You can share your learning experiences when flying at your local MAAA club with like-minded enthusiasts. You will be able to acquire basic skills with little or no stress using a dual control buddy box with a skilled pilot or instructor.
In recent years, radio and control gear technology has improved dramatically along with helicopter machinery. This enables easier entry and if desired, higher performance!

Model plane helicopters are an exciting, challenging and rewarding part of aeromodelling.

Let the fun begin! 

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