Model Jets

Model jets are extremely fast and require a great deal of skill and experience to fly. With a choice of electric or gas turbine engines they are exhilarating planes to see in action.

The buzz of flying model jets

The interest in radio control model jets has been growing exponentially over the last 10 years, with ever increasing technological advancements within miniature turbine and model jet manufacturing. These advancements are delivering increased reliability, more power with lighter weight construction whilst maintaining enhanced structural strength.
The popularity of model jets at aeromodelling events also seem to draw the crowds. The sound, the smell and the speed are all true scale representations of their full size counterparts. The buzz you get when flying a model jet will always leave a smile on your face.

Become a model jet pilot

Whether you are a sports type flyer or prefer an accurate scale masterpiece of your favorite jet fighter, the options available to the avid aeromodeller are enormous.  Transitioning to your first jet can be daunting but there is a wealth of experienced model jet pilots within the MAAA that can help guide you along the way.
Doing your research and accepting the right advice from purchasing to setup and finally flying will make your first model jet experience a celebrated accomplishment.

Let the fun begin! 

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