2024 - 2025 Club Assistance Scheme

Let the MAAA help your club grow

The 2024-2025 Club Assistance Scheme has opened 

The annual Club Assistance Scheme has been designed to give clubs access to financial assistance and support so you can enjoy aeromodelling.

At the MAAA, we recognise that for aeromodelling to continue it is vital that we invest in flying fields as well as providing money for direct assistance for the purpose of improving facilities and encouraging new members.

Over the past five years the scheme has distributed over $300,000 to clubs, supporting over 135 club projects - including the purchase of firefighting equipment, the construction of shaded areas and toilet blocks as well as lawn mowers to improve flying fields.

What sort of things can be applied for under the Club Assistance Scheme?

The following are provided as examples only and do not cover all scenarios that may be considered:

  • Light Construction Projects – Clubhouse extensions, safety and/or security fencing, establishment or upgrades to pilot boxes, set up or maintenance of benches.
  • Asset Purchases – Storage containers, lawn mowers, water tanks, irrigation systems, solar power, windsocks, first aid kits, defibrillator, trainer aircraft
  • Earthwork / Improvement – Grading services, purchase of soil and road base, grass seed and fertilisers, plants and trees

How much funding can you get ?

Applicants must submit a comprehensive application through the relevant Ordinary Member/State Association. Applications will be reviewed by a sub committee and recommendations will be made at the MAAA Council Conference, held in May 2024.

All clubs, regardless of outcome, will be contacted in July. 

The total amount of assistance to clubs is limited to a maximum of $7,700 including GST. However, if your plans require additional funds the MAAA also offers low interest short and long term loans.

How do I apply?

Clubs need to download the application form (found below) or click on the link provided (found below) to access the online form. 

The application must be returned to your State Association by April 14.

The online form will be, on behalf of your club, sent to the relevant State Association on April 14.  All online applications must be complete by April 14.

Each application must be endorsed by the State Association or it will may not be considered by the MAAA sub-committee.

Important notes:

The MAAA will provide up to $7700 inc GST for successful clubs so that they can improve facilities and attract new members.   Under the CAS, payments are made direct to suppliers on presentation of a Tax Invoice. This application form must be filled out by each Club and submitted to their relevant State Association. The State Association must endorse each application. Failure to follow this process may mean your application is not considered. All applications must be received by the relevant State Association by 5.00pm on Friday, 14 April 2024 to be considered. All work and expenditure under the CAS must take place between 1 July 2024 and 30 June 2025. All projects must be complete by 30 June 2025.  If the work is not completed by that date the funding lapses. More details can be found in the application form. 

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