A special report from MAAA President Neil Tank.

MAAA President Neil Tank talks about a new direction for the MAAA.

During my time as president of the MAAA I've been working hard to ensure we have clear conversations with our members and that we provide the tools that our clubs need to make it easier to get out there and enjoy flying!

Last year, the MAAA went through a process to approve a new strategic plan that will see the organization move in a new, considered direction.

As the leading national aeromodelling organisation in Australia, it is committed to providing management support that will help its clubs deliver the highest levels of service to new and existing members.

Along with our new website and digital magazine Wingspan, we're also undertaking member surveys so we can better understand the needs of our members and find new ways to communicate.

We want to hear our members' views, because their passion and pride in our sport will affect the future of aeromodelling across the country.

I put my hand up for the President's position because I love flying and thought we could make some positive changes within the organization. Having said that, change must be well-planned and in the best interests of both members and the sport.

This year, every aspect of the Association's business will be subject to review, including the organisational structure, membership and financial management. We want to make it even easier for more people to take part in an exciting and evolving sport the whole family can enjoy.

While we undergo this renewal we'll continue to provide services to our clubs. We want to make sure every member knows they can rely on us to help handle the tough issues. Whether it's incidents, event management, urban encroachment or noise issues we'll provide advice and advocacy.

It's also important that people understand the MAAA provides more than just insurance. With more than 300 clubs and thousands of members, it represents the sport at the highest levels and when our membership speaks with one voice about issues of concern – it can be a powerful one.

The MAAA is also the only national body in Australia that is recognised by CASA as a Recreational Aviation Administrative Organisation. Because of this it brings your club the freedom to carry out public displays and night flying, without the cost of having to apply to CASA for permits. It is able to negotiate on behalf of clubs in area and airspace issues as well as being in a position to submit recommendation on changes to regulations when safety issues arise. MAAA works closely with CASA on all issues involving model aircraft. It can also deal with all safety incidents internally and has to report them to CASA only when they involve an airspace infringement or a fullsize manned aircraft. If you are not a member of MAAA then CASA deals with any infringements directly under its processes.

Please, take the time to look at the services the MAAA has to offer renew your membership today.

Until next time, have a safe, fun flight!

Neil Tank

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