IMAC over Barossa

Peter Bryner has provided the MAAA with an update about an IMAC competition held in March.

There were 23 competitors. A number who stayed overnight at the field. Eight travelled over from Western Australia, their planes trailered over the long drive. Frazer and Mike Briggs flew in from New Zealand together with a disassembled Extra 300. Aaron Garle flew with family from Queensland, flying others planes, was still placed second after Frazer Briggs in the Unlimited class.


Incidents were few. Corey Brake lost his canopy on take off. Josh Bayes' canopy released mid-flight - repaired with a replacement canopy before the competition started. Klaus Rudloff replaced some props due to a soft undercarriage. Peter Bryner's transmitter got soaked with water coming of the shade tent! Fortunately a spare was found.

Great weather, great location, great comradeship. Some wine tasting too and merriment giving the Barossa economy a boost.

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