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Luskintyre 2016 7Are you ready to take off in 2017-2018, soaring to greater, more thrilling heights with the MAAA?

MAAA clubs are about fun flying, camaraderie and community. By renewing your membership with the largest, most renowned aeromodelling organisation in Australia, you can take to the skies, knowing you are in the safest hands.

For 75 years, the MAAA has been Australia’s largest flying organisation, welcoming and nurturing our members both young and old, while creating a strong sense of community and camaraderie around aeromodelling.

The MAAA relies on your flying experience and skill to help us innovate as well as lead and protect the future of our sport, enjoyed by 10,000+ members.

Our shared knowledge amongst our valued members, enables us to deliver the best flying experiences in the country.

As a MAAA member, you have access to:

  • Better training programs and a Wings proficiency scheme to get you up to speed and in the air faster
  • Largest range of modelling disciplines from radio control, aerobatics, jets to FPV flying which the MAAA holds a CASA Exemption, ensuring our members can operate outdoors (just to name a few)
  • Safer flights with more robust operating procedures and a proactive incident investigation system
  • Access to more events for pilots and spectators to attend both in Australia and overseas
  • A strong spirit of camaraderie to support you from the largest Australian aeromodelling community
  • The most comprehensive insurance for aeromodellers in Australia with no excess
  • The only organisation that enables you to fly competitively on the international stage
  • The only industry body that works with CASA and the government to protect your sport

By renewing with the MAAA, we can form one powerful voice, keeping our sport of aeromodelling in the Australian and international skies for our future generation.

Happy, safe flying

Best Regards

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