September Presidents Message

September President’s message

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Hello all – time for another update as we prepare for the run down to the end of the year.

Before we get started, if you want to view the photos in this email click at the very and select 'download images' - otherwise they will not display. 

CIAM and National Special Interest Groups (NSIG’s)
Joe Finocchiaro from Victoria will be taking on the role of our CIAM delegate for Australia.  He brings a passion and commitment to the position to advocate on behalf of disciplines for Australia.  In line with this we are doing a check of all the NSIG’s and SIG’s that they are still functioning and representative of their members.  This is being done to address concerns that some have become too narrow and are no longer inclusive of all aspect of the discipline they proport to represent.


This kind of photo could see you walk away with $3500 in prizes in CASA's The Sky is the Limit photo comp. Pic taken by the Forbes Advertiser at West Wyalong. 

CASA Photo competition:

CASA is calling for entries on their photo competition, The sky’s the Limit.  There are more than $3500 in prizes to be won, and the winnings pics end up in next year’s Flight Safety Australia calendar.  It doesn’t even have to be a photo of flying – they are looking for images of maintenance, hangars etc.  Would be great to see some aeromodelling images make the calendar. Entries are judged on quality and nature of the aviation theme depicted, creativity and aesthetics and relevance and authenticity.  Entries close Sept. 30.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

Mop re-writes & Heavy Model Inspectors:

There have been a few incidents recently that emphasise significant systems failures around Giant Models. 

We need to ensure that the people conducting the Inspections are competent and take the position seriously.

If we are to be taken seriously and enjoy the ability to fly these larger aircraft then we need to ensure we can learn from each experience.

Heavy Model inspector applications:
We have had a few applications come in of late regarding Heavy Model Inspectors.  This MOP is also scheduled for review – as mentioned earlier – however some clarity may be helpful when putting in an application. 
The inspector form alone is NOT enough.  We need evidence – normally provided in the form of an aeromodelling resume – of current expertise, skill level and proof of scratch building experience. I know this may seem like a painful exercise but we need to maintain a standard across the board. 

 Setting an ‘across the board’ standard relates not just to our Heavy Model Inspectors but also to our instructors when assessing Silver/Gold wings etc. 

All complaints should be dealt with at club level and reviewed by the Ordinary Member.  All States have civil dispute resolution process’s and I recommend that these are the best mechanism to deal with matters. 

75Th celebrations:
Hopefully the plans for your MAAA celebration are well underway, and don’t be afraid to ask you state association for assistance.
The MAAA will re-imburse any celebratory drinks/food put on during an event up to $150 per club. If you would like to hold a special event or something a little more ‘out of the box’, please contact us to discuss potential additional funding for promotions etc.
We will do a limited run of stickers and badges to hand out to those clubs that have run an event.
There is a cap on both badges and budgets so please let us know of your intentions early – clubs will be re-imbursed on a first in, best dressed basis.
Let’s see who can put the best celebration show on!
Just to re-iterate, please notify us of your intention to hold a 75th celebration event so we can keep an eye on numbers/expenditure. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Communication with CASA:
Mitch, MAAA Safety Officer, has flagged some likely changes in CASA structure and the way they interact with the MAAA.
Previously, some clubs have dealt with CASA directly when seeking clarification on policy, procedures etc. 
We have been asked to ensure all members of the MAAA communicate through the MAAA to CASA, rather than directly.
All communication to CASA should first go through your State, who will have most of the answers.  Any other enquiries can go to the MAAA via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
International travel:
With international competition now possible – yay! – we are seeing members heading out to represent both the MAAA and Australia in different countries/events.  MAAA membership includes travel insurance, but for document tracking we need to be aware who is going where. 
If you intend to travel as an MAAA member and therefore be covered by the insurance, please notify us BEFORE you head off. 
Team selections:
A note to all the NSIG’s that are looking to select teams for upcoming World Championships.  Please ensure you are following the team selection process outlined in Mop 024 to ensure your selection process is open and transparent.
There are a few big events coming up.  If you have some spare time try and visit a club putting on a show or display – a little bit of support goes a long way.

  • South West Associated Radio Modellers Society Inc (SWARMS in WA) Fun Fly 2022 is coinciding with the MAAA 75th Anniversary. The Fun Fly will take place September 24 & 25. All welcome. More information contact Andrew McAuley on 0418 674 986
  • Manning Model Aero Club Fun Fly:  Held on Racecourse Rd Wingham.  Open to all MAAA members.  Food/drinks/bbq available.  All day nonstop flying fun. For more information contact Neil Waterhouse 0410 567 222.
  • Shepparton Valley Radio Flyers 39th Mammoth Scale Fly in.  September 17 & 18. See the largest scale model aircraft in Australia.  Flying from 10am.  For more information contact Brendon Edwards on 0429 341 243.

F4C Scale World Championships:
By Joe Finocchiaro
The 2022 FAI F4 World Championships were held in Jarlsberg Norway in July and saw some of the best pilots and builders come together after a 4 year hiatus.
The gap - and trying to put together a world event - had its challenges but to the credit to the FAI organisers the event was a great success.
Australia once again proved it was able to compete amongst the best with the entire team placing in the top 20 of the two categories flown: F4C and F4H.
A fantastic achievement by David Law and Noel whitehead (F4C) and Melissa Law and Greg Lepp (F4H)
On an individual basis, David Law with his Pitts Special coming second in F4C missing out by only 10 points. Andreas Luthi from Switzerland taking out first place with a total score of 1993 (Static/Flying). Our F4H also did us proud with Melissa Law (first woman to fly at this event) achieved a fantastic 12th place out of 36 pilots.
As one of the scale flight judges at Jarlsberg, I had the pleasure of seeing some of the best pilots fly with aircraft that were built with passion, dedication and heart. To be part of the event is special and judging on the world stage was an experience and one that I will not forget. I had the pleasure of meeting new people and making new friends.
Now I understand even more why our members that fly in FAI World Championship and compete with other pilots from around the world. The buzz and satisfaction is something to be experienced and one that is there for those that wish to compete at this level. As a sport, the MAAA participate in these events to promote aeromodelling and camaraderie at an international level.
I hope to have a full article/report on the event, with additional photos on Facebook and the website – it might even inspire you to try Scale.
Until then fly safe and enjoy the flying.

Drone Nationals:
I attended the Australian Drone Nationals, held at the ADFA in Canberra from the 19-21 August.  The event attracted 72 pilots for racing and 10 pilots for the freestyle event.
All the racing was live streamed over the internet as well as large screens displaying live race feeds so that the visitors could experience the racing up close.
If you have never been or seen this racing it is something you need to do, while it may not be your cup of tea the speed and ability of the pilots needs to be seen.
To look at photographs etc www.facebook.com/audronenationals/



Show respect:
Just a note to remind everyone to be kind to one another.  This is a sport we are all passionate about, but the success of the industry relies on us all being in it together.  Please remember the MAAA is run by volunteers who are doing the best they can for the sport we all love.  Likewise, your club executive, state members and all general members are doing their best
Until next time, safe flying – Tim

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