Maryborough Students engineer flight!

Encouraging the next generation of pilots, Mark Heinrich, Aerospace Studies Teacher reports on the success of students provided with Delta Dart kits by the MAAA.

As a final Term activity the Year 8 Aero students had fun making and flying their Delta Darts prop planes. Thanks to MAAA (Model Aeronautical Association of Australia) we were able to get the Delta Dart kit for free to build the 20+ little planes to fly.

After a couple of lessons of construction, the class went out to the oval to see how their handle work flew. Sadly most went about 3-4 m but the best flight went nearly half way across the oval. The students enjoyed the engineering challenge and watching them "fly". It was great to use more hand-on teaching aids and the students were keen to show their mates and family their planes. I hope to use activity with my senior Aero classes later in the year to compare flight length results and to determine who are the best engineers and pilots.

marystudentsengflight1 marystudentsengflight2


Mark Heinrich
Aerospace Studies Teacher
Maryborough SHS

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Posted in Queensland

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