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The Recreational Aerial Photographers Society (RAPS) is an online club of recreational drone enthusiasts.

RAPS are a member of the Model Aeronautical Association of Queensland and Model Aeronautical Association of Australia, which has a long history of fun and safe model plane flying.

9 benefits of membership

Join RAPS today and enjoy the following benefits:

  1.  Be part of a growing community of drone enthusiasts.
  2.  Ask questions about drone photography, destinations and equipment.
  3.  Share your images, videos and locations with other members.
  4.  Visit MAAQ Clubs under the guidance of Club Visitor policies.
  5.  Arrange enjoyable informal meetups with other RAPS members.
  6.  Fun monthly excursions to specific destinations, (coming soon).
  7.  Know the rules and avoid fines.
  8.  Access MAAA public liability and personal accident insurance as long as you comply with CASA’s rules.  Learn more here.
  9.  Enjoy the “Visual Line of Sight” exemption via the MAAA (*** see below).

Simple steps to join RAPS:

Follow five simple steps to join RAPS here

*** Visual Line of Sight exemption available through the MAAA affiliated RAPS Club

The MAAA gives you a “Visual Line of Sight” exemption under CASA’s regulation Part 101, Unmanned aircraft, Subpart 101.G (101.385). Recreational drone users are required to always see their drone during flight times. As a member of the MAAA and the RAPS club “Visual Line of Sight exemption”, you can fly your drone using a smart phone, tablet or goggles as long as you have an observer present. The observer is the pilot in command and must be able to physically see the unmanned aircraft at all times.

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